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Dr. Michael Buckley OD

Dr. Mike Buckley was born and raised in Quincy, Massachusetts. He received a B.S. from PSU in Animal Sciences and M.S. from Northeastern University in Information Systems. He has a diverse background from investigating genetics and immunology at Brigham & Women’s Hospital to developing database software prior to attending New England College of Optometry in 2004. After obtaining his doctorate degree, Dr. Buckley worked in ophthalmology practices such as Advanced Glaucoma Specialists and corporate settings such as LensCrafters. From 2010 to 2015, he leased a private office next to an optical in Bedford, NH, where he developed a great reputation with colleagues and patients. In July 2015, Dr. Buckley assumed ownership of Acton Vision from Dr. Fishlyn. Acton Vision has been servicing Acton patients since 1982.

His special areas of interest are glaucoma, binocular vision and contact lenses.

He has attended National Glaucoma Society meetings every year since graduation and he has become a member. Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that lead to optic nerve damage and vision loss. It is called the “silent thief of sight”, because it most often causes a gradual loss in vision that is undetectable by the patient until it is quite advanced. It is easily treated when diagnosed early. Annual routine examinations are important for early detection.

Binocular vision is more than seeing 20/20. Visual discomfort can occur due to eye teaming or focusing problems. It is his goal to test each patient's vision thoroughly to ensure that their vision is not only clear, but also comfortable and reliable (able to focus properly at all distances throughout the entire day). In order to accomplish this, he routinely uses retinoscopy, fogging techniques, cycloplegic drops, prism and trial framing.

Finally, Dr. Buckley enjoys fitting contact lenses. He strives to fit the perfect lens on the first visit. In order to do this, he maintains fitting sits for a variety of lenses and pays careful attention to the shape of the eye, fitting characteristics and optics of the contact lenses. He has also purchased a Zeiss Atlas corneal topographer to aid him in fitting difficult cases and to do orthokeratology.

Dr. Buckley has a passion for being precise and a genuine concern for your health. He looks forward to taking care of you and your family.